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Nuella's Words

know that there will be days you’ll wake up and feel the dull ache of something terrible deep in your chest. get up. breathe. let the sun come in. keep going.

it’ll get better and you will realise the world really does keep spinning when you thought all was lost.

you will realise that there are still smiles reserved for you and hearts that adore yours.

you will see there is warmth yet left for your skin and love yet left for your soul.

you will learn that you are indeed a being that breaks yet heals. brilliantly. unashamedly.

you will stand weeks, months, years later-
whole, thriving, wiser, complete, and it will dawn on you:

you survived.

© nuella onyilofor 2014

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Nigerian Law School. The middle.. Part 2

Afolly Peperempe

..So Bar II was nothing like Bar I. In fact, Bar I was a breeze. I can remember days I didn’t go to class and would stay in my room and the helper would go and buy me Moin Moin and bread from the lady beside Hostel A. Yummm!!

Ok enough reminicing. The bottom line is that Bar II is not a joke folks.

Striking the balance

NLS is really about striking a balance between your social and studying time. It’s about not being out so much that the Bouncers of Play and Cubanna see you marking attendance every Fri/Sat night and it is also not about your roomie saying “You’re reading Agaba…AGAIN?”
Learn to strike the balance. It’s ok to take a night off reading and let your hair down in town. Lord knows, you will get to a point and realise if you don’t, the chances of going…

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Tuesday night @ Hicc

Last night was phenomenal. Met a social media pioneer/expert @omojuwa. The man singlehandedly took down Arik Air. Put on No-Fly list without being a terrorist. Then the battle with #ifs. I must say that my life was given a boost last night. You have people out here building empires via social media and all you do is pout and change ur dps every 4 mins. 

Gotta step up your hustle and he said one true thing tho. Everyone started with just one follower, they got where they are now because of persistence, determination, consistency and Grace. I was blessed beyond measure last night no lie. Looking forward to Sunday 7am service and the 23rd of March with Dr Myles Munroe. You would most definitely be doing yourself a favor if you can make out time to visit. Harvesters international Christian Centre Gbagada. 

See you on Sunday.  

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awaiting trial

More like awaiting réintroduction back into the school system. I decided to take up an internship @ a law firm (adedapo Fashanu & Co) while I’m waiting on the Bar 1 application form to come out. Wow what an experience so far. Had mad fun @ the nigerian industrial court (court 2) the Judge is one of the most intelligent men ever. Oh yeah Magistrate court @ Yaba has become my second home. It’s crazy what people fight over these days tho. 

Phew I dunno who they think I am @ this office tho. Giving me assignment to reply a written address. It’s fun tho. Been cracking my head for hours not single objection yet.  

Médiation sound like fun too sha. Was @ the Multi-door courthouse the other day. Nice concept except our people would rather be told what to do by a man wearing a wig and holding a gavel rather than sitting down to trash their matte amicably. 

Till next time.CIAO

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3 years later

Hey guys, it’s been 3 years since I last came on here, yeah I guess with 2 posts I should be considered a newbie right? Aii Anywho I decided to follow in a great bloggers footsteps and give you an account on what goes on in the Nigeria law school. I’m sure you all have heard new about what goes on out there but I know most of them are myths tho. I’ll help you guys bust those myths “mythbusters” via this page so stay tuned. The gist for now is that the forms come out by the end of March or Mid April. Dont worry I’ll let you all know as soon as it gets out. Till then enjoy these Blogs


Naija Daydreamer


The Gentleman In Skirt


And shouts out to NaijaBrit88.   

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My Blog

Good blogging everyone, This would be my second venture into blog world, First one was unsuccessful. But that is by the way, Anyways this blog page was intended to be an enlightening page for my fellow law students but due to the “Lack of Votes” plans changed. Anyways its wierd I was involved in an election and I only got 2 votes. That’s mad crazy cos I know more than 2 people so the question is what happened to my supposed friends. I am actually glad that I lost, now I have time for my self. Plus why can’t I be critical of the winner without being labeled as jealous????
Aight enough about my loss, let’s get back to the regular program. Lol there’s really nothing to talk about. Just me reintroduction to the blog world through word press for BB. Hopefully I can follow in the footsteps of some of my great blogger friends whom I won’t mention just cos I don’t want their heads to swell.

Welcome to my world .

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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